Business trips

Business trips

Success in international business depends largely on the knowledge of your customers their culture, history of their country, prevailing customs.

The English Coach will:

  • practice with you business negotiating scenarios conducted in English, as well as social small talk,
  • prompt you what might be useful when traveling to a particular country, we’ll talk about their history and culture as well as practice some useful phrases during conversations,
  • if needs be the English Coach will accompany you during such trips as an experienced interpreter.

Polishing your English language for a business trip helps accomplish goals…. give English Coach a call.

Max Jarmark

+48 886_ 395 727

Hello, My name is Max Jarmark. I would like to offer you coaching in using better English. I am a Native Speaker (Australian English) with many experiences in the English/Australian living world and word. I can assist you improve your spoken and written English language, teach you to appreciate international aspects in personal, business and inter-cultural domains and benefit form it. My approach to work is more then just language assistance it's also about life empowerment, building a career and life strategy ...all combined with humour and distance. I can assist you or your business reach goals.

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