Present yourself well – prepare a presentation in English at the highest level, to be delivered before international audience.

The English Coach will:

  • help you prepare and deliver a presentation on any topic,
  • practice with you the introduction, welcoming of the participants, introducing the presentation’s topics,
  • practice over with you strengthening the vocabulary suitable for presenting the supporting materials, charts and statistics.

If you care to deliver an interesting, professional presentation in English, don’t stress and hesitate… give English Coach a call.

Max Jarmark

+48 886_ 395 727

Hello, My name is Max Jarmark. I would like to offer you coaching in using better English. I am a Native Speaker (Australian English) with many experiences in the English/Australian living world and word. I can assist you improve your spoken and written English language, teach you to appreciate international aspects in personal, business and inter-cultural domains and benefit form it. My approach to work is more then just language assistance it's also about life empowerment, building a career and life strategy ...all combined with humour and distance. I can assist you or your business reach goals.

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